Mountain Sea Midwifery is passionate about supporting and guiding women and their families through the time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with wisdom, respect, and compassion, while providing the best evidence based clinical care.  Low risk women with healthy pregnancies can safely have a natural childbirth in their own home under the care of qualified midwives, and with fewer medical interventions.  The mother shares responsibility with her midwives for health care decisions that affect her and her baby.  We are committed to helping you achieve a safe and empowering birth experience.  

Area of service: We are based out of Homer and serve families up to the Soldotna/Kenai area. Special exceptions may be made if arranged well in advance. 




Comprehensive Prenatal Care

  • Free consultation visits 
  • Visits follow the standard medical schedule of once a month until 28 weeks, twice monthly from 28-36 weeks and weekly thereafter until birth
  • Most laboratory testing can be done in office by the midwives
  • Hour long prenatal visits
  • Medical consultation and referral available as needed
  • Referrals for ultrasounds and genetic screening
  • Nutritional counseling including extensive medicinal herbal knowledge 
  • A mixture of home and office visits
  • 24/7 Midwife availability for urgent needs
  • Education on what to expect in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and caring for your newborn
  • Participation in your care by informed decision making
  • Preventative and wellness care to optimize your health for pregnancy and birth
  • Local resource network 
  • In addition to our home birth services, we also offer prenatal and postpartum care for clients planning a hospital birth

Labor and Birth

  • 24/7 on call for your birth from 37-42 weeks of pregnancy

  • Continuous care and support through active labor, birth, and the first hours after birth

  • A minimum of one Licensed Midwife and a qualified birth assistant at your birth
  • Medical support or consultation as needed
  • Regular monitoring of mom and baby's well being throughout labor to ensure safety and health
  • Support for involvement of fathers, partners, family, friends, or doulas
  • Encouragement to eat and drink during labor
  • Freedom to move throughout labor
  • Birth tubs available for rent for labor and waterbirth
  • Facilitation of the normal birth process and recognition when issues arise outside of normal
  • Quality relationships with local hospitals and CNMs/OBGYNs
  • In the event of a transport to the hospital, continued midwife support


  • Complete physical newborn exam after birth
  • Well woman care and baby care through 6-8 weeks
  • Breastfeeding guidance and support
  • Home visit within 36 hours after birth and another between 3-5 days postpartum
  • Routine office or home visits at 2,4, and 6 weeks postpartum
  • Newborn Metabolic Screening PKU and pulse-oximetry
  • Jaundice evaluation and newborn weight checks at every visit
  • Physical and emotional support for healing after birth
  • Family planning and contraception counseling 
  • Prevention and screening for postpartum anxiety and depression 
  • Well woman exam and pap smear offered at final postpartum visit

Payment Information

  • Many Insurance companies accepted 
  • Denali Kid Care/Medicaid accepted 
  • Payment Plans and discounts available for self pay clients 


Mountain Sea Midwifery and Wellness LLC works with a billing service for all your insurance and payment needs.  We are willing to work with you and you insurance company to get the best results possible.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.